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Neil Hanson | Writer

Neil Hanson

Award winning author, photographer, adventurer, listener, learner. Cyclist and general outdoor junkie looking for the little nuggets of goodness hidden in the steep climbs.

Neil Hanson | Writer

Pilgrim Wheels

“On the Road meets Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The writing is superb.”

More than just a travelogue of a bike ride across the country, Hanson’s delightful and beautifully written story takes the reader on a journey that is engaging and insightful, often hilarious, sometimes poignant, and always inspiring. It’s a must-read adventure that will stir your soul.

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Upcoming Events

REI Ft Collins – 6/24 – 6:30 – 8:00

Peak to Peak Tap Room and Treads in Aurora – 7/16 – TBD

Northwest Tour – I’ll be touring Seattle and Portland area, including the following stops:

  • Veloce Velo in Seattle, Friday 7/24
  • REI Seattle (The Mother Ship), Saturday 7/25
  • Third Place Books in Seattle, Saturday 7/25
  • Darville’s Book Shop on Orcas Island Washington, Wednesday 7/29
  • Velo Cult Bike Store in Portland, Saturday 8/1
  • New Renaissance Book Store in Portland, Saturday 8/1

Fall stops to be announced soon.

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  • Rocky Mountain Home

    Elk scouting trip

  • The Beautiful People

    Sunset on the Carmel beach, the first night out on my cycling journey across America

  • Mohave Heat

    Coasting down a wonderful long descent into the depths of the Mojave on my cycling journey across America

  • Sonoran Sunrise

    While cycling south on my cross-country journey, entering the Sonoran desert, the sun has just broken the horizon on my left, and I took this shot of my shadow along the landscape to my right.

  • Desert Sunrise

    Just at dawn along the southern edge of Monument Valley in northern Arizona, while cycling across America.

  • Medicine Hills Windmill

    Early morning in the Medicine Hills of Kansas, on my cycling journey across America

  • Katy Trail Sunrise

    Sunrise in Missouri, cycling along the Katy Trail on my journey across America.

  • Indiana Sunrise

    Early morning riding east along US-40 on the eastern edge of Indiana, possibly in Ohio, while cycling across America.

  • Maryland Morning Mist

    Early morning mist in western Maryland cycling across America

  • Halong Bay

    Northern Vietnam

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